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Enjoy a daily ``flow`` of ideas delivered right to you

There are 4000+ listed stocks in the United States.

Miiflo scans those stocks and highlights only the ones that are “in-play” or of current interest to institutions and professional investors.

Then, Miiflo further refines and sorts those “in play” stocks into criteria that match one of a number of historically vetted and applied “option strategies”

Option strategies have long been known as a savvy way to express an opinion on a stock, but the problem is knowing which strategy to apply to which stock at which time. Miiflo takes care of that and delivers you a daily ``flow`` of ``in play`` stocks sorted according to option strategy.

Every idea is explained in detail

To be fair, option strategies are a bit more complicated than simply buying or selling a share of stock, which can make them feel overwhelming.

Miiflo will walk you through each and every idea with straightforward guidance regarding why the idea is offered, what the potential is, what the risk is, and how the idea should behave should you choose to act on it.

No fancy finance degrees or wall street experience needed….Miiflo is for the masses!!

No fancy finance degrees or Wall Street experience needed....Miiflo is for the masses!!

Miiflo pairs well with the brokerage of your choice

For now (hint…hint…), you can’t execute trades on the Miiflo platform, for that you will need a brokerage account that permits you to trade Level 3 options.  Also, you will need at least $500 of available capital.  

Most “drips” from Miiflo can be expressed for less than $100 of capital for each trade.

Miiflo is getting smarter & you will be a better investor with Miiflo!

We’ve been testing the logic that powers Miiflo since 2019, and we’ve not even scratched the surface of where it will go.   Miiflo will adapt as markets adapt.  At the same time, Miiflo will send you further education and timely tips to help you get as much as you can out of the “drips”

Start simply and build your ``flow``

“MIIFLO” is another way of saying…..”This a FLOW of institutional class, probability based investing ideas, sent to ME

That means you have control of what you want in your feed.

There are 9 current option strategies that Miiflo generates ideas for.  When you create your account you will be introduced to the drips (daily ideas from Miiflo).  To start building your feed, you’ll need to add strategies to your account.  Add only as many as you want.  Keep it simple.  The simpler and more consistent the focus, the simpler and more consistent the outcome!


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