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Asset 7

15 minutes each week to keep you in the flow of magically better investing

Host Phil Canipe and Miiflo Founder Josh Schuler are here to help you build your self-directed investing skill

Phil Canipe

Miiflo Magic Host
Newly active investor

Josh Schuler

Miiflo Founder
Professional Investor


Like what you hear? Miiflo magically delivers new investing ideas to you each day!

For as long as there have been markets, the institutions (JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BlackRock, etc) have had the edge, while the retail investors haven’t. At Miiflo, we think it’s time to level the playing field.

With Miiflo, you’ll have access to the same tools institutions use to make consistent, probability focused investing decisions.

Join Miiflo and you’ll get a daily “flow” of ideas you can deploy. No fancy finance degree or years of investing education required. Miiflo is for the masses.

>> Never again wonder where your next investing idea will come from.

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