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How to get started with Miiflo Welcome to Miiflo! What is a drip? Where do they come from? What do I do with them?
  1. What is a drip?
    1. A “drip” is an idea. It’s an opportunity for investment growth in the stock market that you can take advantage of. Rather than having to read the WSJ, Bloomberg, watch CNBC, And do copious amounts of research…”drips”
    2. Drips work because they help you approach the stock market like insurance companies approach property <content: how option strategies are to stocks what insurance premiums are to property>. Insurance companies
    3. Mention pepperdine study results
  2. Where do drips come from?
    1. There are 4K US listed stocks that you can buy or sell. How do you pick which one to invest in? How do you know when to buy them? What happens when they go lower? What if they spend a significant period of time going no where?
    2. Miiflo uses proprietary logic to scan those 4000 listed stocks for particular qualities that are of high interest to institutional investors.
    3. Then, Miiflo orders those “in play” stocks by “multi-leg option strategies” which are capital efficient and probabilistic ways to participate in the stock market.
  3. When are new Drips posted?
    1. While we are in beta, new drips are posted after the close of the New York trading session and are valid until the close of the next session.
    2. When the app launches, we will have new drips post as conditions present, which could be any time of the day
  4. What do I do with drips?
    1. Miiflo will present somewhere between 5-30 ideas a day. You can filter these by strategies. You are encouraged to read the drips and decide if you want to place one of these kinds of trades. To execute one, you’ll need a certain type of brokerage account. Go here to read about setting up a trading account for miiflo <lesson: how to set up a brokerage account for miiflo>
  5. Anything else I should know about drips?
    1. The team behind miiflo has spent the last 5 years working with developing professional traders and we’ve learned what the primary challenges are to trading and investing success. Since no idea is a guarantee, it’s helpful to have a process to help you Every drip is built around 4 questions. These questions will help you
      • drips expire….act or note. Print them off and notate on them
      • If you missed a drip…no worries. There will be new ideas tomorrow!

What is a drip? Where do they come from? What do I do with them? - Miiflo